Security and Surveillance Division

Provision of services, in the field of security & surveillance is one of the strong areas of Insaaf Traders. Turnkey solutions for security infrastructure based on the following products are available:-

  • UR Fog system (Italy)
  • Hick vision (China)
  • Ranger (USA)
  • D-Max (Korea)
  • I-View Communications(Taiwan)

The services provided include:-

  • Design and implementation of surveillance solutions
  • Setting up of control room
  • Structured cabling required for the whole setup
  • Physical security solutions including intrusion detection and prevention

UR Fog Products

UR Fog is a leading manufacturer of fog system security system. These systems protect the area of interest by releasing very thick fog and creating zero visibility within few seconds. The motto is “you can’t steal what you can’t see”. The fog system is designed to protect different installations starting from Home, Delivery trucks to stores and jeweler shops to large warehouses.

Hick vision

Hick vision is a leading manufacturer of surveillance products which incorporate latest techniques and include:

  • Analog Dome, Box, Infrared and PTZ Cameras
  • IP Dome, Box, Infrared and PTZ cameras
  • Laser Infrared Cameras
  • Hybrid Laser-illuminated Visible light / thermal imaging long range camera
  • Visible-Light / thermal IP security Camera
  • Next generation PC based enterprise Hybrid RAIDS DVR/NVR
  • Video Analytics and management software
  • Video wall software

APS Aegis Products

We have products of APS Aegis, UK for a wide range of Access Control and security Applications depending upon the requirements of the client, from General purpose application through to high security installations.

  • Car Parking
  • Personnel Access Control
  • Commercial and industrial properties
  • School, Office and Banks
  • Airports and ports
  • Military & Police Forces

Ultimate “Anti-Climb Spinner

Proven as one of the most effective deterrents against unwanted intrusion, Ultimate Anti Climb spinner is manufactured from heavy duty steel sections with rigid spikes that will resist collapsing under pressure.

The unique configuration provides 6-7 individually rotating elements giving a formidable 42 sharp points to every meter. The rotating spikes will penetrate most protective coverings. The central spindle is protected from attack by flared tubler steel ferrules that act as spacers between the sets of spikes, and rotate if cutting or sawing is attempted. A full range of bracket designs provide for ease of installation to brick walls, Buildings or security fences

Intrusion Detection

• Discreet, effective, reliable active infrared detection barriers for windows, doors, walls and perimeters

  • Discreet, effective, reliable active infrared detection barriers for windows, doors, walls and perimeters.
  • Alarm output may be programmed on interruption of one beam or several to reduce the number of false alarms generated by animals.
  • 12V DC versions or lithium battery operated versions with a battery life of upto 2.5 years are offered for remote locations
  • Totally invisible beams, intruders will be unaware of their presence
  • WDS200 light and digital lux barriers are disguised as lighting posts, complete with a globe light fixture(Light is powered separately)
  • Detection ranges from 2m to 120m externally and 240m internally